Diverting Youth

Raising up leaders for today’s generation!

Victory Outreach International highly values the potential of all people and invests considerable time and resources to ensure the quality and effectiveness of this ministry.

God’s Anointed Now Generation

At Victory Outreach International, we have dedicated much of our ministry to developing the personal lives of people of all ages. We have innovative strategies to reach this generation amid tumultuous environments. God’s Anointed Now Generation Reaches a wide spectrum of young Adults, High Schoolers, and Middle Schoolers from urban backgrounds, steering them away from the destruction of drug abuse and gang involvement.

In God’s Anointed Now Generation, there are three tiers which make up who we are:
  • “New Generation” is our Jr.High school ministry.
  • “Next Generation” is our High School ministry.
  • “Now Generation” is our Young Adult ministry.

Victory Outreach God’s Anointed Now Generation is committed to raising up leaders for today’s generation as well as tomorrow’s. The name “God’s Anointed Now Generation” exemplifies this by challenging those to develop their leadership potential. God’s Anointed Now Generation develops a sense of urgency to prepare for the future by making positive steps today.

Incentives / Prizes

While we know you fund-raise to help reach a lost world for Christ, but it’s always nice to receive an incentive for a job well done. Run 4 Hope participants who go the extra mile with their fundraising qualify for special prizes!

Fundraising Tips & Tools

Your fundraising is making a difference by restoring the lives of those affected by drug addiction, gang violence, prostitution, and reuniting families ripped apart. Be a fundraising powerhouse, just use these tips to take advantage of the many resources available and aim high!

Fundraising with Social Media

Connecting with friends and family through social media will broaden your reach and help deliver your message. You can connect with Run 4 Hope through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Use this hashtag when posting on social media: #R4H2024

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