Fundraising Tips & Tools

Your fundraising is making a difference by restoring the lives of those affected by drug addiction, gang violence, prostitution, and reuniting families – ripped apart. YOU can be a fundraising powerhouse – just use these tips to take advantage of the many resources available and aim high!

Know your networks

Give friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, and co-workers an opportunity to get involved and help you reach your goal – you never know who might sponsor you. Share your promo link (Found in your profile area of the Run 4 Hope website).

Aim high

Set a goal that seems just out of reach. It will inspire you and the people you are asking for support.

Give to yourself

You’ll show people this mission matters to you and kick start your fundraising. Also, when you give a total of $500 or more in sponsorships to yourself or someone else, it will go toward your United We Can Level. View full details here.

Tell your story

Set up your public profile page to tell your story – Within your profile, you have your very own web page. Be sure to customize it with your story and your pictures. Tell people why Run 4 Hope matters to you.


You’re not only raising funds, you’re a testimony of Gods love. Share your testimony with those people you are asking for sponsorships.

Share your progress

Let people know where you stand and ask them to help you reach your goal.

Go mobile on iOS/Android

Upload a selfie to your favorite social network and challenge your friends and family to support you. Include your promo link found in your profile area of the Run 4 Hope website.

Get social and creative!

Setup a FaceBook Fundraiser and engage your friends. Share facts about Run 4 Hope and give public shout outs to those that support you.

Double your impact with matching gift

Many companies offer matching gifts for employees as well as loyal customers. Ask your donors to check if their company has a matching gift program that they can utilize. Visit our matching gifts FAQs to learn more.


There’s no time like the present. And results show the sooner you start, the more you’ll raise. Give people the opportunity to give, and don’t be afraid to ask again.

Incentives / Prizes

While we know you fund-raise to help reach a lost world for Christ, but it’s always nice to receive an incentive for a job well done. Run 4 Hope participants who go the extra mile with their fundraising qualify for special prizes!

Fundraising with Social Media

Connecting with friends and family through social media will broaden your reach and help deliver your message. You can connect with Run 4 Hope through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Use this hashtag when posting on social media: #R4H2022

Ready to get started?

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