United We Can Level

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Exciting News!

When you personally sponsor yourself or someone else and your combined total sponsorships equal $500 or more it will count toward your “United We Can” Level.

To qualify you must do the following:

  1. Login to the Run 4 Hope website when sponsoring.
  2. Have a combined total sponsorships of $500.00 or more.
  3. Personal sponsorships made to yourself or someone else qualify, but finances raised from other people or businesses do not qualify.   For example, if a family member or friend sponsored you for $20.00, it would not qualify toward your “United We Can” level. Only finances you personally give toward yourself or another participant qualify.
  4. Gift in Kinds do not qualify toward your “United We Can” Level.

If you are not currently a “United We Can” member, you will automatically become a member after reaching $500.00 in qualifying sponsorships.

Qualifying Sponsorships will show on your “United We Can” statement and are tax deductible.