How to Register:

Thank you for visiting Run 4 Hope site ! Having a hard time getting started? We are here to help!

  1. Be sure to register by selecting the location of the event you would like to participate. Visit Event Locations
  2. Once you selected a location you would like to participants in Click on the “Proceed To Register” button.
  3. Then Click “Register” on the event you would like to register for. Once clicked this will redirect you to a Log In page (If logged in skip: step 4 & 5)
  4. Log In: If you already have a Account: (Use your User Name and Password, If you DO NOT have an account with Victory Outreach International (Please see: step 5))
    • Account List:
    • Victory Outreach International
    • United We Can
    • VETI
    • UTC
  5. If you do not have an account, Click “Register” and fill out all the necessary information required.
  6. Fill out all the necessary information required for your specific event location.
  7. Once event registration is completed you will have a few link options on your completion page:
    • “Register” (More detail see: How to Register)
    • “Participant Profile” (More details see: Member Profile)
    • “Sponsor a Participant” (More details see: Sponsor a Participant)
    • “Make a Contribution” (More details see: Sponsor a Participant)

Member Profile:

  1.  Once you have logged into your account you will notice a new menu item has been added to the main navigation section called “My Account” click it.
  2. In My Profile you will be able to track Events and Participants under “My Event Details
    • Manage a Participant :
      • (Edit) You will be able to edit or upload a profile image and change participants name
      • (Email) Click on email and an email template will be provided for you to send to friends and family. All you need you do is copy and paste
      • (Sponsor) You can also keep track of who has sponsored a participant
      • (Runner Profile) This is your public profile that you can share with friends, family and on different social medias (facebook, twiter, Google plus) (More details see: How To Fund raise with public profile)

Sponsor a Participant:

There are a few ways you can sponsor a participant

  1. You can always search by Name, Church Name or Doggie Name
    • Click Sponsor a Participant to start searching
    • You can sponsor multiple or individually and search multiple time for different participants, just by adding a minimum amount of $10.00 to the box next to the name you are sponsoring then click “Add to Cart”
  2. You can also receive sponsorships from friends, family or though social media
    • Once you receive a request via email to sponsor, just click on the individuals link ( ), to proceed you sponsorship
    • Receiving a request though social media, (See detail below) then proceed to sponsorship


Fund raising Materials and Forms:

Run 4 Hope (Logo) North West Region (Flyer) Southern California (Flyer) Northern California (Flyer) Mid West Region (Flyer) England (Flyer) Holland (Flyer) Mexico City (Flyer) Rocky Mtn./Texas/Rio Grande (Flyer) South Africa (Flyer) San Diego (Flyer)

Fund raising How To:

After you finish registration you will have access to a few tools that will help you raise funds and keep track of the amount donated.

How To Fund raise via email:

  1. To send a request along with your personal fund raising web link via e-mail, click “email”.
  2. Copy, paste the email template letter and feel free to add  your personal touch.

How To Fund raise with public profile (Social Media):

  1. To send a request along with your personal web link “social media”, Click View “Public Profile” or for mulitple events click “Runner Profile”.
  2. Once on your Public Profile page you just click the social media icons in the right corner of the page to share.