Global Run 4 Hope

What is global Run 4 Hope?

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, each location is unable to have a physical event at a park. Global Run 4 Hope is all our locations coming together on October 17th , 2020 via a live stream “Global Run for Hope Celebration” event which will feature Run 4 Hope participants, missionaries, leadership from around the world and Church challenge winners will be announced. You do not want to miss out!

How To Register?

Registration is free so sign up now and start getting sponsors. When registering make sure to upload a profile picture and a bio of why you are participating in Run 4 Hope. Also select a goal you want to reach. Remember individual prizes start at $250.

Incentives / Prizes

While we know you fund-raise to help reach a lost world for Christ, but it’s always nice to receive a pat on the back for a job well done. Run 4 Hope participants who go the extra mile with their fundraising qualify for special prizes!

When you raise $250 or more, and you will qualify for some great Run for Hope prizes. You will have until October 17th, 2020 @ 10 a.m. to meet your goals for prizes. You will receive your prize redemption certificate in your email and will be able to redeem your prize through our Vision International Store website.

Fundraising Tips & Tools

Your fundraising is making a difference by restoring the lives of those affected by drug addiction, gang violence, prostitution, and reuniting families – ripped apart. YOU can be a fundraising powerhouse – just use these tips to take advantage of the many resources available and aim for the stars!

Fundraising with Social Media

Use the power of social media to further your fundraising! Connecting with friends and family through social media will broaden your reach and help deliver your message. You can connect with Run 4 Hope through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find and share motivating stories, impactful graphics and more.

Use this hashtag when posting on social media: #R4H2020

Siempre estamos buscando personas que han rindan sus vidas a Dios!

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