Canjea tu premio

Thank you for participating in our Global Run4Hope 2021!

Your efforts are greatly appreciated and based on your total sponsorship amount, you qualify for an incentive award!

Steps to Redeem Incentive Award

  1. Select 1 prize or mix and match from your level and or the lower levels totaling your Incentive Award (Example: A $2,000 Inventive Award can be redeemed by selecting 2 prizes from $500 level and 1 from $1,000 level, for a total Incentive value of $2,000).
  2. Enter your Incentive Discount Code, that we have provided you by email or login into your Run 4 Hope account and click edit profile, there you will find your discount code and link to redeem your prize, then insert in the “Discount Code” field at the end of your “check-out” in order to redeem your incentive value towards your Prize(s) at no cost.
  3. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery by mail (to receive the prizes selected)
  4. DEADLINE: Prizes must be redeemed no later than November 7, 2021.

IMPORTANT: Any prizes not redeemed or applied to Unite We Can on, or before, Sunday, November 7, 2021 will be forfeited

Thank you for partnering with us this Run 4-Hope 2021 and being a World Changer!